The commercial trial lawyers of Greiman, Rome & Griesmeyer, LLC. are business advisors and litigation professionals. When our clients find themselves involved in a business dispute or faced with a business opportunity, they hire us to resolve their conflict or help them exploit the opportunity quickly, efficiently and successfully. Our clients expect victory in the courtroom, and they appreciate our extraordinarily high "win-loss" ratio. Outside of the courtroom, our clients benefit from our insight, attention to detail, and prompt, practical solutions to their business needs.  But the only measure of success that truly matters is the satisfaction of our clients, and the extent to which we are able to help them achieve their business objectives. At Greiman, Rome & Griesmeyer, your enterprise is our top priority.

For this reason, our clients view us as more than just attorneys who consistently deliver excellent work product and achieve exceptional results. Our clients consider us their trusted strategic advisors, because we make a point of building deep relationships in order to gain a full understanding of their business needs and industry trends. We invite you to learn more about how Greiman, Rome & Griesmeyer can help your business succeed.